E   L   E   M   E   N   T

Be data-smart and data-wealthy

Connect and score your family’s data to capture the value of choices around brands, products and services


Everything you do generates

value and data


Choose the personal dWallet that is best for you


B   L   A   D   E

You want to be data-ready and join in the data economy, connect your data and feeds, and be amazed. Monetize or save it for the future. You control your data


E   L   E   M   E   N   T

Take charge of your family’s digital footprint. A dWallet for your child is as natural as your 401(k) account. Grow your data wealth and they will thank you!


M   A   T   R   I   X

You value how you impact the world and how the world impacts you. Your digital footprint is who you are how you make your choices

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