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Competitive Analysis

Dynamic product portfolio management; with breakdowns by demographics, selling prices, make, family and model, purchase motivations, values, and features, churn information, analysis, and prediction based on previous and expected models

Privacy and Compliance

Interactive map enabling governance of an organization's data ecosystem, highlighting personal identifiable information, high-value and high-risk regions of data. It allows auditing of all data that are connected to and flows through your DrumWave dWallet

Real-time Data Flows

IoT exploration of real-time data, originating from various sensors and sources. Recreates a Data Twin, that facilitates total visibility of sensors and flows of data for parts, vehicles, installations, buildings, and even larger systems as cities


A combination of product profitability metrics with Net Promoter Score results to identify best offers and cross-selling opportunities down to the target customer's leve


Influence Network

Impact of conversations in decision making and team performance. Network analysis to identify the architecture of influences, the spread of ideas, echo chambers, spontaneous social and professional clusters and innovation boosts through professional matching

Pricing Optimization

Regression analysis and predictive modeling combination to indicate optimal price points per customer. Models elasticity of demand and finds optimal prices for different regions. Connects with external systems to improve models and constantly fine-tune prices


 Fraud Analysis 

Exploratory and predictive environment to catch unusual reimbursement requests, and identify patterns of typical fraudulent activities among beneficiaries and participants. Using network analysis, it reveals complex patterns of fraudulent collaborations between players

DNA Analysis

Multiple analytical modules combined to match mutations in genes with types of cancer, and their impact according to clusters of previously identified cases. Mutations' co-occurrences in proteins point to cancer typologies that could diverge from diagnosis and guide to better treatments


Trade Promo Optimization

A combination of regression analysis and predictive modeling to improve promotion strategies. Measures and predicts the impact for each dollar spent on any promotion. Suggests reallocation of resources and connects to systems to continuously improve prediction and to activate re-allocation

Credit Performance

Exploration of credit performance by issuer and creditor allowing for deep default potential analysis with multiple breakdown options


Audience Flow 

Transitions flow analysis by target groups to understand how the audience moves from one TV channel to another. Multiple time segment options. Enables exploration in multiple time scales and surveys key metrics impacted by behavior changes

Marketing Segmentation

Drag and drop environment to slice and dice big data, to create smaller customer segments that can be stored, compared, analyzed, and imported to a CRM system for marketing campaigns



Combine and connect characters, space, time and relations, to assist in story creation, or to analyze books, movies, plays or TV shows. Uses the power of data to analyze reality from a dramatic interplay perspective

Direct Sales

Exploration of sales performance by salesperson, by region and day, enabling monitoring and notifications of sales drives in real-time


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